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 Let's be friends is a neo social cultural campaign funded and powered by 185Four. The campaign was birthed with the notion that those individuals who have acquired artistic abilities and wish to hone their crafts or link with like minded individuals can do so. In order to spread the message and give the campaign a positive giving atmosphere Let's Be Friends created an upper garment which is the campaign's biggest attribute.


When you're dressed in these high quality monochromatic garments you're telling onlookers that you're not only a LBF 185Four affiliate, but an inspiring individual looking to expand his or her own brand. LBF was established to be a representation of the entirety of artistic, creative, social, business, and pop culture. Our unique high end garments aren't just meant to keep the consumer safe from the everyday elements and fashionably forward. has also conveniently applied QR codes to our garments. With just a scan from any smartphone device, it will connect others to LBF’s online users portfolio gallrery. 185Four is implementing the QR code technology which allows the consumer to link their various works of art, and or business ventures through 185FOUR. By doing this LBF and 185Four are aiming to help the consumer to be a part of our brand while expanding their own.


If you are a Visual Artist and aspiring to create your own animated series, wearing a fashionable garment that says, "Lets Be friend -- I am a Visual Artist". Which allows others to scan an individual’s code with the bar code scanner on your smartphone linking them to This grants all LBF affiliates access to your profile displaying that visual arts and animation

 This grants all LBF affiliates access to your profile displaying that visual arts and animationis your expertise. An aspiring LBF musician with a drive for creating music might like to incorporate their music into the anime you’re creating. LBF is the middle man that conveniently connects hard working creators together to collaborate work. Ultimately the goal it to let the Lets Be Friends garments with QR Code to connect thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs. 


Everyone has a purpose. You may not know yours yet, but one day it will come to fruition. In order for us to find ourselves, we must first lose ourselves, and in order to lose ourselves we must be stripped of everything that once played a significant role in our lives. One cannot appreciate the good in their lives, without first experiencing the bad.  In order to see the light at the end of the tunnel we must first traverse the darkness. Every individual has to seek their own path, and once a path is chosen you must see it through to the end.  


The law of cause and effect is a valid theory we should all apply to our every day lives, down to each Millisecond in a 24 hours.  The amount of effort applied is equivalent to the product produced.  No matter how much effort is put forth, or how much one believes in there-selves, loves others, and pursues their dreams, they must first find themselves before reaching ultimate potential.  


The more time spent finding ourselves the easier it is to understand the world we live in and how it operates.  Once you understand how the world operates maneuvering through it becomes a simple task.  Taking the time to find ourselves will ultimately generate more reasons to love ourselves.